What Is Dreamstory?

Dreamstory is a database of dreams. The stories are constructed from nothing else but dreams. It is only a matter of posting the dreams you had during sleep. Every dream is in fact a strange story. We all have dreams and dreams are amazing and beuatifull and often spiritual. Let future generations know what you dreamed at night. Give dreamstory your dreams. Have you ever had beautiful dreams, nightmares, vivid dreams or dark ones? All your dreams are welcome. Dreamsstory is looking for your dreams.


  • Every page should be at least 90 words (You are allowed to post all your dreams, we love it if you do that).
  • Every page should contain a dream that you dreamed during sleep
  • It is wise to write your name under your dream

Not allowed:

  • No pornografy, thank you (erotic dreams are fine, but spare us seksual details.)
  • No discrimination, thank you
  • No real names of other people but yourself
  • The word 'dream' in titles of pages will be deleted

If a dream will be deleted or edited for one of the above reasons, we'll do our best to keep a copy in a file to send back to you if you ask for that. If you don't have the guts to include your name, ask yourself why. Keep in mind this website is open to all visitors of all ages on the internet. Including children.

Daphne Buter, Netherlands, 22 December 2008