The Problem with Dreaming Movies

At first I was in the dream. Way out west. I think it was Kansas. Well that's east for me, I live in Colorado. Anyway it was the OLD west.
My wife and I riding into town on a buckboard wagon. Stopping at the general store. A guy there was explaining how the roads were set up with towns every so often all the way to California. Then my wife and I were no longer in the story, it became a movie.
A young caucasian guy, whose family owned the feed store, and an Indian cowboy, a lot of cowboys were and are Indians ya, know, were both in love with the same young woman. There was a bit of a fuss when the white guy found the Indian guy and the woman together even though they weren't being naughty. An older white guy, intervened and both young men went away mad. The young woman was annoyed by the whole thing. Said something about she would decide who she wanted to be with. Movie cliches I know, but how do you edit a dream?
Then the crazy dramatic scene: The Indian guy went to the feed store. He was carrying a rifle, but he was just there to get some feed that was supposed to be in the upper building. He went directly to the upper building but the feed wasn't there. Instead of going back to the front entrance he went by a stairway that connected the upper building with a lower building. He went towards the office. Apparently the mother of the other young man, and the manager, or business manager, of the feed store had gone mad because she had set up a booby trap for the stairs: shotguns and a trip wire. Fortunately she wasn't very good at it and when the Indian guy tripped the wire it pulled the shotguns out of position and they shot into the ceiling. The woman burst out of the office with another shotgun in hand. Then Indian had hit the deck on the stair landing so when the woman fired that shot also missed him. He shouted at her not to shoot, saying who he was, but she just shot at him again and started up the stairs. (POV: Indian)
He peeks over the edge of the landing and she is aiming the shotgun at him. He shoots her in the leg and she falls backward.
Jump to next scene. The sheriff is there and the doctor who is attending the womans wound. The sheriff and the Indian are talking wondering about what could have happened to the woman to make her go crazy. The woman's son comes running up and tries to slug the Indian. The sheriff stops him. The young man is saying the Indian will hang for this but the sheriff tells him the Indian not only won't hang, he won't even be arrested.
The young man is almost insane with rage. The end.
I woke up. I'd sure like to find out how the story turned out.