3 men

I dreamt about three men I have loved: one was a foreign man I loved without ever having met, with whom I fought passionately over the internet; one was my last ex-husband, whom I could never get to understand the simple things I needed; one was an older man, a biology professor, with whom I was involved more than 35 years ago and haven't thought much about since.

the foreign man was in my town, on business, which I hadn't known because we weren't speaking, but whom I finally, suddenly, met. Meanwhile, I was trying to get across to my ex that I wanted him to be more considerate of me! I pointed out all the things he had done that bothered me—for example,opened boxes of birthday gifts I didn't know had arrived and put them where I didn't see them.

I wanted to get away to be with the foreign man. But then the old professor arrived, wanting me to meet up with him for breakfast the next day, trying to give me his number.

Somehow, through all of this, a toilet became clogged and when I tried to unclog it, out came all manner of clothing and other items! I just kept pulling stuff out of the toilet.