Forest and gardens

And I tried to follow the man with the door in the suitcase but the faster I walked the further he went. I decided to go back to the room with the throne with my mother on it, but behind me was nothing but a blooming forest.
Suddenly I recognized the gardens of my youth. The trees surrounded me with white blossoms. I felt a huge happiness filling my mind. I had never seen the gardens so vivid and bright. I looked for the house where I was born, but the house was not there. Under one of the trees I saw the suitcase of the man and I wondered if the door to the house where I was born was inside it. I just stood there, wondering how another world behind a door could fit in that suitcase. After some time, I walked to the suitcase and opened it. Now the cover of the suitcase seemed to be a door itself, and behind it was my attic room. I walked inside and noticed that the dinosaurs were still soaring through the sky.